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  Pakistan and Kazakhstan - Bilateral Relations  

Pakistan was among the first few countries which recognized Kazakhstan when it attained independence in December 1991. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1992. Pakistan and Kazakhstan enjoy cordial relations based on common approach towards world issues as well as mutual understanding and goodwill for each other.

Pakistan provides natural link to connect the Eurasian heartland with the Arabian Sea and South Asia. We offer the critical over land routes and connectivity for mutually beneficial trade and energy transaction intra-regionally and inter-regionally

The first Prime Ministerial visit from Pakistan took place in 1995 followed by second Prime Ministerial visit in 2011. President of Pakistan also visited Kazakhstan in 2011.

President Nazarbayev visited Pakistan twice in 1992 and 2003. Several Parliamentary and Ministerial as well as high level officials also exchanged visits.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharifís visit to Astana in August 2015

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz undertook his first visit to Astana on 25-26 August 2015 as a part of high level exchanges, focusing on Pakistanís connectivity with Central Asia particularly with Kazakhstan.

During the visit, the Prime Minister had the opportunity to discuss with Prime Minister Karim Massimov and President Nazarbayev, the present state of our bilateral relations and ways and means to further strengthen them meaningfully. They covered wide-ranging subjects and whole spectrum of bilateral relations and touched upon all important regional and international issues.

The leadership of the two countries agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in trade, economy, energy, science and technology, education and more importantly land and air connectivity between Pakistan and Kazakhstan. They also agreed to strengthen economic cooperation by optimally utilizing the present institutional mechanisms.

A number of Agreements and MoUs in the fields of trade and commerce, agriculture, defence and disaster management were signed for enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

The leadership noted that bilateral trade currently does not commensurate with their bilateral potential. They decided to increase it by revitalizing the existing mechanisms. The leadership of the two countries agreed to expand mutual cooperation in diverse fields including regional connectivity, energy, security, education, culture, and people-to-people exchanges.

They also decided to continue their cooperation in international forums, including the United Nations, SCO, ECO and OIC.

Kazakhstan supported Pakistanís successful bid to become non-permanent member of United Nations Security Council in October 2011. Kazakhstan also supports Pakistan full membership in Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Pakistan has supported Kazakhstanís successful bids to International Exhibition (EXPO-2017) and WTO. Kazakhstan supports Pakistanís candidature to the Human Rights Council for the term (2018-2020). On reciprocal support agreement Pakistan supported Kazakhstanís candidature to the Statistical Commission for the term 2017-2020. Kazakhstan supported Pakistanís candidature to UNESCO Executive Board (2015-2019). Currently, Pakistan is supporting Kazakhstanís bid for a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council in 2017-2018.

Bilateral, Trade and Economic Relations

Overall bilateral cooperation has been institutionalized through Pakistan-Kazakhstan Inter-Governmental Commission on trade, economic, scientific, technological and cultural cooperation. The Eight Session of Pakistan - Kazakhstan Intergovernmental Commission (IGC) on Trade, Economic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation was held in Astana on 05-06 November 2015. Pakistan delegation was headed by Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources Jam Kamal Khan. The Kazakh side was led by Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Askar Mussinov. Representatives of different Ministries of both countries and Ambassadors of Pakistan and Kazakhstan assisted their respective delegations. The IGC reviewed whole range of economic cooperation that included trade and investment, transport and communications, agriculture, industry, energy, healthcare, environmental protection, information & broadcasting, civil aviation, tourism and training of diplomats.

The IGC referring to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's recent landmark visit to Kazakhstan, reviewed progress on various decisions taken during the visit. Both sides agreed to identify flagship project for mutual cooperation in energy and communication sector and to hold Joint Business Council meeting during the first half of 2016.

In addition to this mechanism the two countries have signed 36 Agreement/MoUs since establishment of diplomatic relations, in diverse fields of cooperation between the two countries

In 2015, total volume of bilateral trade between Kazakhstan and Pakistan amounted to approximately US$ 34.37 million. Exports from Pakistan to Kazakhstan constituted US$ 32.89 million while Pakistanís imports from Kazakhstan were US$ 1.48 million. The major export products from Pakistan to Kazakhstan in 2015 were mandarins (US$ 11.76 mn), potatoes (US$ 9.29 mn), medicine and medical equipment (US$ 4.7 mn), textile items (US$ 3.8 mn), cereals (US$ 0.63), sugar confectionary (US$ 0.26 mn) and articles of leather (US$ 0.06 mn). The major import items from Kazakhstan to Pakistan in 2015 were articles of iron and steel (US$ 1.17 mn), machinery parts (US$ 0.22 mn) and others.

Pakistani Community:

The size of Pakistani community in Kazakhstan is small. There are 559 Pakistan national residing in different cities of Kazakhstan. Most of the community members live in Almaty. However, they have presence in several other cities. The community mostly comprises small businessmen with some professionals working in oil and gas sector.




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